Study abroad in Chile, Universidad de Chile

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Published on: 27/10/2021

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Study abroad in Chile, Universidad de Chile


I moved to Chile sadly not speaking a word of Spanish. Moving to Chile was daunting but as soon as I looked around the university within my induction all my worries went away. I spoke with a lot of different people from all over the world and met some amazing friends. The university also offered us a buddy programme which allowed us to have a Chilean friend from day one so we were really immersed within their culture. The society they had ISAFEN also gave us opportunities to go on weekly hikes, take Spanish lessons, go on nights outs, hosted parties for us and gave us a real cultural exchange. Living in Chile was the highlight of my university experience. I have made friends for life on my exchange and it motivated me to understand what I wanted to do after university and pushed me to achieve better grades within my final year at university when I returned to the UK.



Although I was in Chile during an unstable time with demonstrations and political unrest it allowed me to see a huge part of the counties history. It was an eye opening experience to see change happening in front of my eyes however I never felt unsafe during this time. People looked out for each other and ensured the safety of all.



Another great part of living in Chile was the travelling opportunity’s that are available. From Atacama desert in the north (the driest place in the world) to Patagonia in the south or go to Easter Island. Chile also has the opportunity for people to ski in the Andes mountains and surf along the many beach towns such as Valparaiso. But in addition to the places you can see in Chile being in South America allows you to go to other counties like Peru and see Machu Picchu or cross into Bolivia and see Uyuni.



Credit – Samuel Turner

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