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Published on: 20/06/2021

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Sai Shankar Reddy Bokka, Riga


I moved to Latvia in 2017 as a student. I enrolled in a full-time course “Computer Systems” at “Riga Technical University” Riga, Latvia. My course duration was 3 years (6 semesters). I finished in 7 semesters. I still remember that my tuition fee was something around 3500$ per year.

Initially, I had fewer skills in information technology. But my love, passion, and innovation towards science were high. This made to be a graduate in February 2021. I was awarded a “Bachelor degree of Engineering Science in Computer Control and Computer Science”, Additionally with “6th level of European and Latvian Qualifications Frameworks”. From Riga Technical University.

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I studied university in a Public University in Latvia, in the academic bachelor’s study program  “Computer Systems”. This is a 181 ECTS course.


From the “Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology”. My study program was very uniquely designed. I won’t say that this is the very best designed study program with the teaching staff. It requires to improve in many aspects. I listed some of the study courses that I took at the university.


  • My first semester:

    • I had courses related to mathematics, physics, Latvian language, and culture, computer architecture, algorithms programming solutions, etc. 
  • My second semester:

    • I had courses related to previous semesters i.e mathematics 2, physics 2, algorithms programming solutions 2,  chemistry, data structures, electrical engineering, discreet mathematics. etc.
  • My third semester:

    • Core courses started in this semester fundamental of automation, discreet structures of computer science, probability theory statistics, programming languages, computer modeling and simulation, numerical methods, business communications. etc
  • My fourth semester:

    • Going to some more core courses this semester databases management systems, random process, operation research, operating systems, computer networks, object-oriented programing.
  • My fifth semester:

    • This semester was more intense in the course adaptive data processing, computer organization and assembly language, fundamentals of artificial intelligence, the technology of large databases, software evolution technologies,  systems engineering, systems analysis and knowledge acquisition, etc.
  • My sixth semester:

    • The intense courses continued I had courses such as applied systems software, computer systems design, methods of systems theory, algorithms and methods of programming, software engineering.
  • My seventh semester:

    • I devoted this semester to my bachelor dissertation (thesis/major project/paper)

Along with my studies, I also worked part-time in a bank for my living. Although I had a very hectic schedule with the university, I tried to combine both my studies and work. It was not an easy task I would say.



I also landed in a “Scandinavian company” as my first professional intern. I worked as “Lead Strategic Foresight intern”. During which I applied all the skills that I gained from university. I also learned a lot of professional skills during my internship.

Besides these, I managed to work for the “Indian Latvian Cultural Economic Forum” as in social media charge.

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I spend my semester vacation traveling. I traveled and lived in many EU countries some of them include”Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain. And Ukraine, Turkey”. And yes, it is possible to travel all over Europe with a Latvian valid resident permit!


Credit – Sai Shankar Reddy Bokka

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