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Published on: 20/06/2021

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Caroline Dascal, Innsbruck


Hey everyone! My name is Caroline, I am from Republic of Moldova, but currently studying in Austria, Innsbruck. I am doing my bachelor degree in Business & Management at MCI (Management Center Innsbruck).

MCI was one of my first choices when it came to choose a university and day by day I am convinced I did a great choice.

But now, you might ask yourselves why should you choose Austria as a country to study? Well, there are several reasons:

– Austria is the cheapest country to study in from all EU countries, as far as I discovered. Here, we don’t pay any contracts (that in some countries might be up to 2000 euros). In Austria universities are free of charge, there are just some exceptions, as private universities which require an amount of 373 euros/semester. But still, this is not as much as in other countries 🙂

– Austria is a really nice country, with a well-developed culture, which provides you with a wide range of food types and has a lot of beautiful places to visit! You have a lot of opportunities here, like trying new things and discover some new skills and abilities



When it comes to any certain amount of money you should have with you while studying in Austria, I will provide you with a short calculation: (all the calculations are made on my own experience, with the current prices in Innsbruck)


Accommodation: 330- 450 euros/month- student house

350-500 euros/month – WG apartments


Insurance fee: ~70 euros/month (this is only for students)


Transportation: 1.70 euros/ 1 ticket that is valid 90 mins

~200 euros/semester- semester ticket for 6 months with that you can travel by buses and trams as much as you want

Food: here depends on you, for me is ~150 euros/month


So, in total: ~600 euros/month

Of course, this amount might be high if you include here shopping, parties, skiing and any other extracurricular activities.



Social life here is great. If you live in a student house, you will make a lot of friends from different countries. At university you can also make friends through the group projects you will have. Everyone here is nice to you if you need any kind of help, so don’t worry if you are more an introvert person, you will find some friends as well.

At university teachers are professionals, they use a lot of teaching methods to make the studies more interactive for us. Even with the online learning, we still communicate a lot, and work together in the group works I mentioned before. For sure, when you come in Austria you should know a bit of German language, but this is no problem, because you can take language courses from your university.



Overall, Austria and Innsbruck left me with many positive emotions and I am so excited to continue my studies here for the next 2 years.


P.S: If you are a student, and also applied for a Uni in Austria(or Innsbruck), or you are studying here, just contact me, I am looking forward to make new friends 🙂


Credit – Caroline Dascal


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  1. Sai Shankar Reddy Bokka says:

    Wow it was very nice and useful after reading this blog. Especially to international foreign students.

    Thank you Caroline. I wish you good luck and success in your future endeavours.

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