Study abroad in Atlanta, Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business

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Published on: 22/09/2021

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Exploring Emory: My Study Abroad Program in Atlanta, USA by Anlin Olivia Pereira


One of the biggest reasons I wanted to study abroad was so that I could travel the world. Being born and raised in Dubai, moving to Manchester for university and then studying abroad for a year in America? It was the dream. Traveling from the east to the west, it was exhilarating to leave my comfort zone and immerse myself in new cultures and enrich my knowledge at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business.

In the summer of 2019, I arrived in Atlanta with a twinkle in my eye and hope in my heart to begin my exchange year in one of the largest cities in America. Being the state capital of Georgia, the city features a diverse cultural environment with rich heritage and quality lifestyle. It is split into neighborhoods, each with its unique feel and purpose – Midtown known for its notorious bars and restaurants, Buckhead for its financial district, and Emory University is located fifteen minutes away from downtown Atlanta. To say the least, my time in Atlanta left me with a plethora of memories and lifelong friendships from across the world.


Emory Campus in Atlanta, USA


  1. 1. Academic Life

The Goizueta Business School offers a wide range of courses with well-experienced and knowledgeable teaching faculty who put great effort into leaving a meaningful impact on each of their students. They help the students grow intellectually, personally and professionally to make significant contributions in and out of the classroom. My academic experience at Emory was so memorable with the opportunity to learn about business ethics and culture through historical scholars and artefacts that shaped the city of Atlanta.

Fun fact: Asa Candler, Emory Board Chair, also established the Coca Cola Company in the early 1900’s and his legacy continues at university till today. So, if you drink a Pepsi on campus, people may say you have no school pride!

Moreover, the campus pride can definitely be felt at Goizueta with academic pressure on students however, our weekends begin on Thursday – so workload is easy to manage.


Advice #1: Build relationships with your professors and TA’s – they will definitely be of great help to you when preparing for exams.


2. Accommodation

Emory has on-campus housing for exchange students in the Clairmont Campus, located less than a mile from Emory’s main campus. If you would prefer to explore the Greek Life at Emory, they also present you an option to stay at the fraternity houses. It is a shared accommodation with other undergraduates and a great way to network and meet new people.


Clairmont Campus


For those looking at off-campus housing, Highland Lake Apartments is located next to the Clairmont Campus. This is for people who would prefer some privacy with their own rooms. A lot of the exchange students prefer to stay off-campus, however, it can be quite difficult to commute to university during winter. Both, Clairmont and Highland Lake Apartments, offer pools, gym and other basic facilities, and both can use the (free) Emory shuttle service to school and other places around the campus.


Highland Lake Apartments


Advice #2: It is easier to stay on-campus as the bus stop is right outside the building and most of the events occur on-campus. If you are concerned with privacy issues, call the accommodation office and try to request for an individual room at Clairmont.


3. Culture & Tourist Attractions

Atlanta is known to be the ‘Cultural Hub of the South’. With beloved sports teams, thriving entertainment industry of music and cinema, there are some very popular attractions that bring people to Atlanta from all over the country. This includes theme parks, museums, ATL’s filming locations and the world’s largest aquarium. Moreover, if you are someone who prefers the outdoors – Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Beltline, Centennial Olympic Park and Piedmont Park offer green spaces for recreation and relaxing.


Hiking in Stone Mountain Park


Advice #3: Use the long weekends or holidays to travel with your friends across America as domestic flights are extremely affordable. Along with exploring Atlanta, I was very lucky to travel to New York, Boston, Puerto Rico and Mexico during my time at Emory.


4. Social Life

Emory offers a good mixture of daytime activities and nightlife. During the day, there are several events going on where you can spend the day connecting with other peers and lecturers or simply relax with your friends. In the city, you can spend your afternoons shopping in different malls and boutiques, explore cafés and restaurants, or enjoy hiking in the nature at Stone Mountain Park. At night, there are a myriad of bars and clubs scattered around town, and the Greek life at Emory is always great fun! There are pop-up shows, concerts and events in and around Atlanta always happening where you can get a glimpse of the city’s culture and enjoy the experience of studying abroad.


Christmas time in Atlanta


Anlin’s Advice #4: Don’t worry if you are below 21, you can still enter some clubs and university organized events!


Atlanta, was without a doubt, you know the cliché – an experience of a lifetime! My study abroad has been so rewarding, where each day was a new adventure. It gave me the opportunity to not only travel, but also live in one of the greatest cities in the world and have the traditional American college experience. It was the perfect balance of culture, heritage, education and entertainment. In today’s global economy, studying abroad can also provide a whole new level of global and cultural understanding which can lead to better job prospects and encourage personal growth. So, if you are considering studying abroad – DO IT!


Credit – Anlin Pereria

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